You are the average of 5 social media platforms you hangout on

Photo by Creative Christians on Unsplash

This old adage is widely known: you are the summation of, on average, the 5 people you spend time with.

I am, today, postulating, that you are the average of 5 social media you spend your time on.

What you choose to spend your time on, matters. Your choices will directly impact your well-being, happiness, and ability to live your life, the best way to accomplish your goals, and the ability of your family and friends to relate to you.

The average person in the world spends ~3 hours a day on social media. But not all socials are created equal.

For some it might be Facebook; others may prefer Instagram. Perhaps someone enjoys spending a lot of time on Reddit, someone else prefers TikTok.


LinkedIn. Slack Communities. Medium. Twitter. Snapchat. Flickr. 500px. Clubhouse. Goodreads.

Everyone thinks of tech stacks. Even book stacks. What about social network stacks?

As social networks mold our brain towards mindless scrolling and dopamine chasing, shiny syndrome hitches a ride with every new interaction. What are the chances of three brain killers riding together in a van?

There are some socials out there that have evolved over the years to become a central part of our daily lives. What if that is THE BLINDSPOT?

Fall in with the wrong crowd and that leaves an impression. Pick 2–3 negative habits and those brand you. Get hooked onto something and spend years breaking free.

Fall in the comparison trap and that leaves an impression. Enjoy a particular content category and the algorithm brands you. Get hooked to morning doom scrolling and spend years breaking free.

What the feed of a particular platform is primed to amplify, does not vary by much. What gets a lot of views on LinkedIn, or what gets shared on Facebook, or what goes viral on TikTok are peas in a pod.

When does anyone ever think of ‘THEIR WHY’ of joining a social media platform? Maybe you joined Instagram for photography, or Medium to read unique perspectives, or Facebook to stay connected with your friends and family. But when misinformation, divisiveness, and confirmation bias join a platform, no one asks ‘WHY stick around?’. Network effects are strong and switching is a hassle.

We keep the toxic content flowing through us like bad influence.

The need to niche down to dedicated platforms hasn’t gained traction yet. Alas, homo sapiens are social creatures.

So, we stay put. Simmering in the potbelly cooked with engine oil.



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