Very interesting narrative!

There are other things to address that work in favor of engagement:

1. The idea behind recall: When individuals are planning and preparing to make a purchase, they are overwhelmed with choices. Among businesses, there is stiff competition and the brand which the person can recall and associate with, will have it easier to make conversions. It is an important consideration when the individual transitions from consideration (SQL) to actual conversion.

I address the idea behind recall in this article:

2. The idea of advocacy: Through copy, a particular message, a particular narrative may address the pain-point or may appeal to a particular individual and the said person may choose to like and share the said piece of content.

The individual is communicating receptiveness to the said message and may take an action thereafter. For eg: A brand communicates incorporation of a long-awaited feature or say, a feature that his work-suite of apps has but not his personal-use software or app, the user will be elated. As the user is engaged, he may choose to take the said feature for a test-drive and leave a review, make a video or write a blog;


simply highlight the prowess of the product/feature. (think 'captured on iPhone').

This fuels engagement further and provides UGC, which are strong parameters for a conversion by a third-person.

A non-engaged person would not.

3. The non-attributed conversion: An engaged user, upon seeing a particular communication from their preferred/favorite brand- may share that with one of their friends.

Birds of the same feather flock together. Having similar likes and dislikes, the said friend may choose to act upon the communication and make a purchase, even though he was never engaged with the brand to begin with- his friend was.

Although very very difficult to track, this conversion is still happening due to a member of the engaged audience.

But yes, the influx of engagement, if not from the right demographic- only strokes a marketer's ego and many do not grasp that. That is so spot on!



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Coffee Addict. Avid Reader and Learner. Business and Digital Marketing conversations in < 5 minutes