Seems like you could not get it to work for you and the lens through which you saw it. 1000 connections is no metric to say 'you did it right', it is also about the quality and the networking intent of both-you and the connection.

LI is your online resume at best, and you expected it to be something else. (FYI, LI has instated a creator fund now, if you want to take a look at it)

I am personally not a fan either, but I do agree with you as far as to say the platform is sub-par, with rising pseudo thought leadership lacking any depth, but is a great tool for B2B at the same time.

It is all about if it fits your needs- and using it because you want to- not because you expect a gold medal for it. Or else you will quit it- and any other platform because you are expecting a very closely defined result- as I do see your post about quitting Medium.



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