5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2021

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Digital Marketing has been the cornerstone of great marketing campaigns and significant business impact in the previous decade. Any business model could incorporate digital marketing strategies to reach and market to their potential clients.

While big businesses have been the most creative in their approach to digital marketing campaigns, small and medium businesses- in their own right, have taken advantage of low costs of outreach and awareness campaigns. Here is how they can build on that:

  • Research your competitor: Some good, some bad. Your competitor has probably done it all. A good way to go about competitive research is to take a page from the investment book and have a portfolio approach. As a small business, you research upon immediate competitors, established names in your segment, popular names in adjacent market vertical and startups in nascent stage. Going through and understanding their digital strategy will open your eyes to their successes and failures so you know which approaches to stay clear of and the ones you can try.

Expert Tip

Stay clear of? Na! I would recommend A/B test the approach across main digital marketing components like copywriting, design and CTA to see if your competitor missed out on ‘the punch’ in their approach. If you still see no results, abandon the strategy.

  • Leverage Inbound Methodology: Sales= Revenue. Yes, true that. However, marketing is much more. Oftentimes, new startups are hungry about making big bucks, but they forget a key component- TRUST. Potential customers/ users do not trust you- YET! Instead of aggressive sales pursuit, provide experiences, genuine guidance and show the value the potential customers will enjoy. According to Hubspot, “ The inbound methodology is the method of growing your organization by building meaningful, lasting relationships with consumers, prospects, and customers. It’s about valuing and empowering these people to reach their goals at any stage in their journey with you “ Leveraging social media platforms to engage potential customers and providing them value through great content will pique their interest in your business, business practices, raise purchase interest and intent, and ultimately, build trust. These potential customers already know what you offer and stand for as a company, so you do not need to try to sell.
  • Optimize your Website: With Google Page Experience going live, website experience is more important than ever now. If you cannot optimize your website for frictionless and smooth user experience, you are climbing a steep hill while carrying huge boulders. JUST DON’T!
  • Leverage Video Content: Video is a more engaging and immersive format to consume content in. It helps engage users much more deeply and keep their interest. From marketing metrics stand point, views are cheaper than clicks and content stays in the viewers mind for longer- the really good ones and the really bad ones. Video content can also help with your SEO efforts as top Search Engines push for relevant, high quality, keyword optimized video content to return to user search query. Fret not if you feel video making a daunting task or do not have the financial backing for it. As a small business, you can leverage video templates through various apps and websites to make your work easier.
  • Do not hesitate to ask: Ask for feedbacks and ask for reviews. 1 quality review is it’s worth in gold. If you are shipping out a product or service, user feedback is indispensable. It is not the north star by which you guide the direction of your efforts, but when as a small business you are continuously listening to user feedback, you can help address their pain points much quicker. This will help improve customer satisfaction, generate better reviews and potential advocacy on your behalf in the customers’ circle.

So there you have it! Five Digital Marketing tips to get small businesses started on building their digital presence effectively and with low monetary investment in 2021.



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