3 Insightful Content Marketing talks from Ad World 2022

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If one truly wants to understand the dynamism of the marketing profession, one needs to look no further than the Ad World Conference.

Ad World understands the connecting dots that make up the marketing space, hence the no-fluff, insightful nuggets from all intersections in marketing are front and center.

Here are 3 insightful Content Marketing converstions from Ad World May 2022 that I am definitely going to rewatch:

01. The Content Factory: How to Streamline Content Generation and Maximize Performance

You know the conversation packed a punch when you are able to recall and have a mental walkthrough of the content even weeks after and just remember the insights divulged by Dennis Yu.

It is about resonating and connecting with your audience-Dennis mentions about Content on Tik Tok. However, smart marketers understand that it is a statement relevant and applicable across other platforms as well.

Why would you want to watch this Talk?

  • Content Production is time and resource consuming. How do you set up your content factory to leverage one piece of content to scale and adapt content for various other platforms.
  • How far has AI come and how we can leverage several tools to help us with editing and Content repurposing.
  • Content inspiration. Content production is powerful but not everyone has access to top shelf equipment and considerable resource spend for the same. Personal photos, BTS, and how marketers can leverage storytelling from everyday moments of their lives are exceptional nuggets that can be leveraged for short-form content.

02. How to Unlock ROI through Content + SEO framework

How does launching a marketing agency during the global recession feel? Ross Simmonds knows.

But more importantly, Ross mentions how Content Marketing is more akin to investment than art.

Invest More. Guess Less. That is how he regards marketing in the present era.

Why would you want to watch this Talk?

  • Most people diversify their investment portfolio. How does extrapolating that to content efforts play out and what sort of content assets have high value?
  • Understanding how to invest in Content and Reduce your risk
  • What sort of content generates the most backlinks in marketing and most linkable content marketing assets in MarTech.

03. What you don’t know about your audience is killing your marketing?

Reach. More Reach. Even further Reach.

The bottomline metric that makes all marketing successful is reach and amplification. Rand Fishkins believes brands and marketers often focus on only a sub-section of their ‘actual audience’ and ‘potential reach’.

Surveys and Interviews can tell you only about the individuals you reach- but there is a whole world out there for insights discovery!

Why would you want to watch this Talk?

  • Rand shares 6 common mistakes brands make when defining their ‘audience’
  • Unlocking Passive, Data-at-scale opportunities and how to go about it
  • Taking note of Branded vs Unbranded Conversations and Searches to find hidden opportunities

The Digital Marketing landscape is going through major changes across multiple paradigms, and finding strategies of tomorrow takes more than just your tried and tested brainstorming.

Ad World brings marketing leaders from across the globe together to share their findings, and with each presentation and interview, I walk away a better marketer.



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